Who we are

We are a congregation of the body of Christ. We have no head but Jesus, no creed but the Bible, and no hope except for God’s grace. We are deeply committed to being, “a house of prayer for all nations.” More info….

Our vision

We seek to be the church that you read about in the New Testament–nothing more and nothing less. We realize that we often fall short of this ideal, but we believe that submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ compels us to avoid any direction that does not follow his steps. Put in other words, we hope to bless others as God has blessed us.

Our mission

We seek to realize our vision in this place and time by teaching a saving message, strengthening those who have committed themselves to a life of discipleship and then sending people out to share the good news with others and make more disciples. Put in slightly different words, using small groups and other ministries we create trusting relationships to serve God by blessing our community and our church family. The Oxford-University community provides a wealth of opportunities to pass the gospel news on to people who come here from all over our state, nation and the entire world.

Our history

Our congregation began about 1929 and has emphasized campus missions since about 1960 and foreign missions since about 1980. We have been a multiracial, multiethnic congregation since the 1970s. More info….